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Reviews of The Science & Practice of Boss Whispering Seminar - Page 1

“We had the opportunity to participate in one of the 3.5-day trainings of the Boss Whispering Institute. The training was led by Dr. Crawshaw herself and provided us with a wealth of skills and techniques that we have been most useful in our practice. The training provided an eye opener for us on how to address more effectively situations involving managers who are perceived as abrasive. We believe that the coaching approach promoted by the Boss Whispering Institute has great potential to address such situations in a multi-cultural environment. In addition to the training we are benefitting greatly from the written materials developed by the Institute and the online networking among participants of the training. In addition to the training and background materials we have been particularly impressed by Dr. Crawshaw’s experience and her readiness to share that experience with a wider audience.
-Mame Diagne and Helmut Buss
Ombudsmen for the United Nations Funds and Programmes

“Once in a great while, we meet someone who has a profound effect on our lives. Laura is that person for me. I attended Laura's training on taming abrasive leaders a year ago. Through that training, I discovered my passionate path and life's calling. Since the training, I have applied Laura's teachings to my work with amazing results. I am humbled and honored at what is unfolding for me. Laura's warmth & compassion for the learners in the training is palpable. Her knowledge & empathy for abrasives is stellar. I cannot wait for additional training opportunities with Laura. Her work is amazing, her support to trainees is incomparable and her dedication to this field is exemplary. Laura's training will change your life. I know, because it changed mine.”
-Rachel Schaming, Director of Human Resources, Radiology Ltd, Executive Coach

“I attended the Boss Whispering Institute training workshop in June 2012. It was really an enriching learning experience for me. Laura ably introduced and explained the TAD (threat - anxiety - defense) approach and conceptual framework and was convincing with the coaching method of abrasive managers that it can provide a win-win scenario for all parties involved and there is no hopeless case. Working in a multi-cultural international environment and having to often deal with the devastating effects of bullying behaviour, abuse of authority and harassment, I definitely recommend Laura's method on Boss Whisperers as one of innovative and efficient way to help an organisation to tackle the problem of complex personalities such as abrasive managers.”
-Tahiana Andriamasomanana, Ombudsperson, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

“I attended the inaugural Boss Whispering training program in 2009 and found it immensely helpful in building my knowledge of working with abrasive leaders. Laura Crawshaw was very generous in sharing her extensive research in this area and continues to be a thought-leader in the field of bullying and harassment in the workplace.”
-Lynn Harrison, Executive Coach

“Laura offered training in executive coaching to a group of us in Auckland, New Zealand in November 2011. She based her training on her PhD research which appears in her book, "Taming the Abrasive Manager". The workshop exceeded my expectations at a time when I felt quite jaundiced about training programmes; Laura's workshop was thorough, relevant and deeply compelling. Since attending the workshop I have practised the strategies she gave us and have discovered for myself how effective they are. I would recommend attending Laura's workshop to anyone in the field of working with people and in particular to coaches and mediators.”
-Barbara McCulloch, Office of the Vice-Chancellor, University of New Zealand

“I had the privilege of following a full course on Laura's method in dealing with the "abrasive" managers. That was very new to me to discover that finally existed a proven method to lead such characters to a better understanding of their situation, the effects of their actions and consequently driving them to ameliorate quite substantially their human leadership. I believe that the Boss Whispering process, working with managers by feedback, is quite essential for many companies or institutions: they have excellent technical managers and they absolutely need them, however these are poor leaders in human relationship and frankly abrasive. What to do? Can't afford to lose them, can't afford to continue with such nightmare. Laura's method of coaching is the single issue to resolve the situation in a win-win resolution, for the Company which keeps its technical efficiency, for the co-workers whose relations in the workplace is much better - and so their efficiency as well - and for the manager him(her)self who can finally be satisfied of his(her) managerial capabilities and can stay in the job!. I most recommend Laura's course on the matter for mediators, coaches or ombudsmen, and using the process with a qualified Boss Whisperer for the institutions having such difficulty.”
-Vincent Vuillemin, Ombudsman, CERN

“During the three and one half days of learning with Laura Crawshaw at the Boss Whispering Institute seminar, I knew I was experiencing something new - not in my more familiar and formal educational experience. What I didn't know, was that I was learning a more compassionate view of those I serve and of myself. My outlook had been "punish the guilty" after investigating and judging them. Boss Whispering and Laura Crawshaw exposed me to the greatly more effective TAD dynamic [threat-anxiety-defense], empathy and insight. The Boss Whispering approach opened my eyes, intellect and heart to seeing the best in the abrasive and in myself and helped me develop a compassionate outlook permitting the possibility of finding the best in all of us. BW creates the environment that help one realize their impact on others and in the majority of cases to move their thinking and behavior, even their hearts, to highly beneficial leadership and life. Boss Whispering was one of those "ah ha" moments in my life; a real life changer. Spread the word.”
-Barbara Butterfield, PhD and Principal of HUMANED Consulting

“Despite her years of experience, innovation and obvious expertise in working with abrasive employees, Dr. Laura Crawshaw refuses to stop learning and challenging both herself and her model of coaching. Throughout her course, Laura provides information and asks for questions. If there are no questions, Laura flashes her engaging smile and says: "Wait a minute! Don't take what I'm telling you at face value!! C'mon - challenge my ideas!" Laura is not about justifying her findings; she is about constantly learning and testing her ideas. Participating in Laura's course has provided a huge opportunity for expanding my conflict consulting services. I am currently working toward accreditation as a Boss Whisperer and am loving every minute of it! Thank you, Laura!
-Debra Healy, Mediator/Conflict Consultant