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Over the past 35 years Dr. Laura Crawshaw has delivered presentations throughout the United States and internationally to audiences large and small. She has presented to United Nations organizations, NASA, Harvard’s Institute of Coaching, The British Psychological Society the Organization Development World Summit, and Fortune 500 companies.

She has incredible knowledge and the ability to teach with such enthusiasm, professionalism and clarity. She helped me to understand the perspective of the workplace bully in a new way... VERY insightful and incredibly helpful for my organization. I can’t wait to share what I learned with upper level managers.

Dr. Crawshaw was brilliant. Very articulate and inspiring. Not overly theoretical and therefore full of pragmatic tips / elements.

I’ve been to seven of our conferences – I think Dr. Crawshaw’s was the best keynote I have heard. Very relevant material and she was a clear and compelling speaker.

What a truly brilliant session this was. Thank goodness we get a recording of the session, I couldn't write my notes quickly enough!!

Bravo for a speaker that teaches us all to see deeper into the troubling behaviors of people. To see the hurt, fear, and trauma and to be able to empathize, and address these behaviors. I found it insightful and refreshing!

Dr. Crawshaw is available to speak (keynotes, seminars, workshops, panels) on the following topics:

  • Solving the Problem of Abrasive Leadership
  • Grow Your Spine & Manage Abrasive Leadership Behavior: A Guide for Those Who Manage Bosses Who Bully

For Executive Coaches, Conflict Practitioners and Ombudspersons:

  • Coaching Abrasive Leaders: Dealing with Defensiveness
  • The Science & Practice of Coaching Abrasive Leaders

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