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Reviews of The Science & Practice of Boss Whispering Seminar - Page 2

“While being trained and supervised by Laura I found Laura to be impeccable with her word and deliver high levels of confidentiality and integrity. Laura offers deep insights that she shares with those who are willing to listen and learn. Laura has a great sense of humor, she is a very patient and kind soul. I highly recommend Laura and the incredibly important work that she has unearthed.”
-Gary Scholz, Executive Coach

“Dr Laura Crawshaw is an outstanding professional, whose thought-leading training and keynote speeches are informative, inspiring and transformational. The work done by her at The Boss Whispering Institute has the potential to completely change the way abrasive managers impact culture, productivity and the personal lives of those who work for them. In addition she is a remarkable person.”
-Louise Baker, Executive Coach

“Laura's dedication, research, training, and solutions for transforming abrasive managers in the workplace into successful interpersonal influencers, is a leading edge, major contribution to healthy and productive work environments. I expect her approach to have world-wide impact.”
-Susan Forster, Senior Human Resource Analyst, EBMUD

“Laura's seminar gives you an opportunity to learn about her extensively researched approach to deal with abrasive leaders. Since the number of seminar attendees is small, the interaction between the participants is enriching and brings the concepts to life!”
-Sara Jane Radin, Executive Coach & Managing Principal, Performance Advantage Systems

“I attended a course called The Science and Practice of Coaching Abrasive Executives in May 2010. I found the course well organized and structured with flexibility for discussions. Laura is a really good trainer and generous with the sharing of her knowledge and with the material she has developed. I would strongly recommend this course for people who work in the field of HR and/or of supporting supervisors, managers and executives in organizations.
-Pascal Audit, Health Canada

“I recommend the Boss Whispering training Laura provides. She has come up with an innovative approach to dealing with abrasive bosses. It is rare that I find something truly new for the tool box in my field. That is what her course gave me and that is what it can give you. Well done Laura!!!”
-Roger Beaudry, Executive Coach

“I have known Laura for several years and have found her to be passionate in her search to create peaceful and harmonious workplaces by addressing some of the destructive behaviours that are sometimes adopted by bosses and others. Instead of taking a narrow perspective Laura has found a way to empower bosses to respond appropriately to the common pressures and threats of the workplace. I have attended her training "Boss Whispering" which provides skills in working with abrasive managers in a way that resolves the problem rather than brushing it under the carpet. On a personal level Laura is generous as a trainer, taking time to make sure that everyone in her training group is well supported throughout their learning journey.”
-Noreen Tehrani, Ph.D., Managing Director, Noreen Tehrani Associates Ltd

“Laura's knowledge of difficult interactions between colleagues is second-to-none. Her training style is so relaxed you don't realise how much you are learning, how much ground you are covering. As a former academic, I know how difficult it is to get that quality of delivery. I am looking forward to a refresher in 2013.”
-Alf Hatton, Executive Coach

“I attended Laura's training on Taming the Abrasive Manager approximately 9 months ago. We had a good group of participants from similar yet different backgrounds. Laura was able to field questions on the topic and was very open to discussion. The concepts presented were new and interesting - especially the TAD Dynamic. Laura makes people feel comfortable and is very approachable.”
-Deborah Aarenau, Manager Respectful Workplace Program, Ottawa Police Service

As a conflict management practitioner in workplace organizations, I found myself encountering more complaints about aggressive leaders and accusations of bullying behaviors in my mediation and conflict coaching cases. The long term impact that results from these types of behaviors goes far beyond ineffective leadership and misunderstandings. They cause deep hurt, damaged relationships, and ruined reputations. I wanted to learn how I could use my conflict management coaching to help these organizations, and yet, I felt I needed something more to support these organizations and their leaders. I discovered Dr. Laura Crawshaw's Boss Whispering Institute and after a year of ongoing discussion and research decided it was worth the time and investment to learn the Boss Whispering method. The training provides a sound theoretical based approach with a structured methodology to work not only with the organization but to coach the abrasive leader for long-term change. The training moves away from labeling and holding onto workplace bullying stereotypes, and gives organizations hope that they can help their leaders change and be more insightful, effective and less abrasive as leaders. I highly recommend this training for those who want the challenge and reward of supporting the transformation of the abrasive leader.
-Pattie Porter, LCSW, Founder and President, Conflict Connections, Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the "Boss Whisperer" training held in Calistoga this past August. Laura Crawshaw, creator of the Boss Whispering approach, did an excellent job explaining the concepts, teaching the process, and ensuring the understanding of participants. There were several exercises to help the group really absorb the ideas and prepare us for doing this coaching work going forward. I would highly recommend this training to those wanting to strengthen their skills in working with abrasive leaders.”
-Kalli Matsuhashi, Family Business Advisor, Executive Coach