Mark Twain



What's the best way to tell a leader their interpersonal conduct is unacceptable? What if they deny their leadership style is abrasive? How do you manage a leader who is blind to the impact of their damaging words and behaviors? What does it take to motivate them to transform their management styles? It takes courage and insight, otherwise known as management backbone.

Most management trainings don’t address how to handle these challenging situations. They simply advise you to document the conduct problems and tell the individual to improve their behavior. This simplistic approach is doomed to failure, because advising an abrasive leader to start behaving acceptably is like advising a drowning person to start swimming. It’s accurate advice, but not particularly helpful, because they don’t know how. The good news is that most abrasive leaders can change if their managers provide the motivation to transform their management styles through intervention.

Our online course, Grow a Spine and Manage Abrasive Leadership Behavior will give you a solid understanding of abrasive leaders, as well as the structure (spine) and steps (vertebrae) to confidently manage their unacceptable conduct. You’ll also learn how to respond to the 27 defensive responses that can derail your intervention (“Deal with Defensiveness”).

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