Boss Whispering®: The Science and Practice of Coaching Abrasive Leaders

Presented by Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., BCC
Founder, The Boss Whispering Institute

Abrasive leaders rub their coworkers the wrong way. Their words and actions create interpersonal friction that grates on subordinates, peers, and superiors, grinding away at trust and motivation, inflicting deep wounds and disrupting the smooth flow of work. The management styles of abrasive leaders include one or more of the following characteristic behaviors: overcontrol, overreaction, threats, public humiliation, and/or condescension.

These individuals present a significant challenge for the executive coach or conflict specialist. Unable or unwilling to see the impact of their destructive styles on coworkers and on the greater organization, they can be highly resistant to traditional coaching methods. Based on over forty years of research and coaching experience with abrasive leaders, Dr. Crawshaw’s Boss Whispering® method has consistently proven effective in rapidly overcoming this resistance and motivating clients to permanently improve their management styles.

This self-paced online course is designed to train you in the specific steps involved in successfully coaching abrasive leaders and professionals. Through reading, video presentations, case studies, interactive exercises and individual consultation with Dr Crawshaw you will learn::

  • The Boss Whispering® method, based on evolutionary and psychodynamic theory
  • Common myths about workplace “bullies” and workplace bullying
  • Why abrasive leaders resort to interpersonal aggression in their management styles
  • Why these individuals are blind to the nature and impact of their destructive behaviors
  • How to fully engage abrasive leaders who resist coaching
  • How to take their blinders off and motivate them to care about their impact on coworkers
  • Managing employers' anxieties and expectations
  • How to permanently transform client behavior within 8-10 sessions
  • The top 10 pitfalls to avoid (I’ve fallen into all of them!)
Boss Whispering: The Art and Practice of Coaching Abrasive Executives

Course participants will receive:

  • Lifetime Membership in The Boss Whispering Institute
  • Inclusion in the private Boss Whispering Institute LinkedIn Group
  • Access to Boss Whispering case studies

In addition, course participants will have unlimited access to extensive marketing materials, including:

  • Published articles on Boss Whispering suitable for distribution to potential client organizations
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentations & speaking notes
  • Video & audio interviews appropriate for inclusion on your website
  • Articles in support of the Boss Whispering theoretical framework from neuroscience and other researchers
  • Permission to link your website to The Boss Whispering Institute website

Seminar tuition: $1,665.00 USD

ACCREDITATION: Any individual is welcome to attend the seminar and apply what they learn in their professional practice. However, some individuals may wish to pursue accreditation. The accreditation process consists of developing and ultimately demonstrating competence in the practice of Boss Whispering through a collaborative process of case review and consultation on two coaching cases. Those who attain accreditation will be granted:

  • Inclusion in the Institute’s worldwide directory of Boss Whisperers®, an elite cadre of specialist coaches eligible to receive referrals from the Institute.
  • Permission to refer to oneself as a Boss Whisperer® (a trademarked term)
  • Permission to add the designation ABW (Accredited Boss Whisperer®) as a professional credential

For more information on Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., BCC, President of the Executive Insight Development Group, Founder of the Boss Whispering Institute, and author of Taming the Abrasive Manager: How to End Unnecessary Roughness in the Workplace (The Jossey-Bass Management Series, 2007), visit Background.


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